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Transformation is built into everything in the universe. It's known by other names such as growth, evolution, spiritual awakening, enlightenment, salvation, redemption and ascension. CCT works with the Crystalline Energy System and the Three Phases of the Map of Transformation to create healing through reaching a higher level of potential, order and organization. These phases can be seen over and over again in the world. In a healing session they

show up as below:


• Phase One | Opening: Connecting to Higher Levels of Consciousness

In this phase, defended states or fight or flight are released. As Einstein states, nothing can be resolved at the level that it was created. In Opening the consciousness opens to a higher level. It feels relaxing and uplifting to the mind and emotions. There can be a feeling of anticipation such as "something new is coming!"


• Phase Two I Chaos: Release of Distorted Energy with Sacred Geometry

During this phase, distorted patterns (that cause disease, illness) lift out to allow in new levels of wholeness. In CCT, sacred geometry is used to "clear" the distortions and prepare the body for the direction of healing given in conscious intent after this phase. Although it doesn't feel unpleasant to the body in this phase, it can feel very chaotic or disorienting after a session, as this phase works through the whole body/soul unit.


The five sacred geometry shapes that are used in this phase are known by their CCT names and are called Healing Chambers. They are infused with crystalline energies to work with the Crystalline Energy System. Muscle testing is used to determine which one

and how many will be used in a session. The Healing Chambers are:


  • Cube

  • Element of Earth

  • Balancing

  • Remembering Essence

Crystalline Emotion:

  • Icosahedron (20 sides)

  • Element of Water

  • Spiritual Level Emotions

  • Energy Flow

Multidimensional Time:

  • Octahedron

  • Element of Air

  • Rhythms, Seasons, Cycles

  • Right Timing

Pure Essence:

  • Tetrahedron

  • Element of Light

  • Health and Vitality

  • Enlightenment


  • Dodecahedron 

  • Love

  • Represents any of the above

  • Repairs or heals at a blueprint level

In between Phase Two and Three, a conscious intent stated by the client is anchored in. This provides the direction of healing or manifesting that is desired and empowers the client in their healing process. 


*Crystalline Consciousness Technique™ is facilitated alongside your Emotion Code session. We use CCT to place your intentions into the grid and the healing chambers to release distortions in your tissues. Then, while inside of the CCT container, we use the Emotion Code to release any emotional blocks that could be preventing your intentions from manifesting.*


• Phase Three I Mastery: New Level of Transformed Healing or Energy

To complete the session and bring it to right closure there is a final phase called Mastery. This ensures the energy shift or healing becomes a permanent, new level of expression.











The Crystalline Energy System exists at a molecular level and uses the connective fascia tissue just below the skin and surrounding all organs as its communication system making it much more efficient than the over-taxed nerves of the nervous system. Energy being released, transformed and aligned travels expediently through the molecules of water and mineral salts in our cells. The Crystalline System absorbs and processes information in the form of energy without causing stress and harm to our physical body and its other systems.


CCT™ Energy Therapy will allow you to:

  • Achieve a deep state of relaxation by deactivating the fight or flight state

  • Release energetic blocks, old repeating patterns, and emotional wounds without re-trauma

  • Process grief allowing for clean and effective mourning

  • Assimilate new information clearly and calmly without overload to the Central Nervous System

  • Align your physical energy with your personal mental and emotional intentions

  • Connect the Conscious (everything above your heart) and your Subconscious (everything below the heart) for greater peace, calm and inner quiet

  • Experience passive, transformative and sustainable healing within

With CCT™ Energy Therapy You will Begin to:

  • Experience life change with greater ease, perspective and grace

  • Enjoy greater health by lessening exposure to stress and its bio-chemicals

  • Heal the energetic system of the body

  • Experience greater emotional calm and inner freedom

  • Trust more deeply in yourself

  • Quiet and stop the negative-mind chatter in your brain

  • Feel present and comforted by truly being in your body

CCT™ Energy Therapy is Reliably Effective in Helping You:

  • Access your own personal clarity and solutions free of outside influence

  • Stand fully within your own energy (power) and confidence

  • Bring your life into greater balance and integrity

  • Smooth out chaos to experience harmony at home and work

  • Connect and relate to others on a more genuine level

  • Feel safe

  • Trust life rather than fear it

Additional Reported Benefits of CCT™ Energy Therapy are:

  • Clearing of mental fog

  • Decreased sensitivity to fluorescent lighting, computer screens & electromagnetic interference

  • Ability to cope better in crowds or over-stimulating environments

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