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My Journey With Energy Healing


My energy healing journey began in Fall of 2020. I was experiencing a spiritual crisis and desperately seeking help as my emotional baggage and trauma responses wreaked havoc amongst myself, my family and my home. While I was fumbling around with insurance and trying to figure out which kind of therapy could possibly help me after a lifetime spent in dual diagnosis rehabs and talk therapy sessions, my partner made himself an appointment with an Emotional Polarity Technique (EPT)  therapist after finding her info online.  EPT is similar to The Emotion Code in that it uses muscle testing to identify Trapped Emotions and the information surrounding it, then releasing that negative energy with magnets. This is the review I wrote for that therapist a little over a year later...










These pictures were taken less than a year apart and showcase perfectly, in my opinion, the kind of healing power that emotional energy healing holds.


“I was skeptical when I first heard about Jolisa. I’d never heard of muscle testing before and I didn’t understand it. My partner and I were both actively seeking therapists for awhile before he reached out and made an appointment with Jolisa after finding her website in a google search. He came home from that appointment different. Better. I can’t explain how I knew that something had shifted in him within hours after that first appointment but I was sold and called to get myself on her schedule the next day. I worked with Jolisa several times a month for about a year and completely transformed myself and my life in that time. I fought many demons, including lifelong battles with multiple addictions and countless self sabotaging and self harm behaviors. I’m 36 years old and have spent more than half of my life in rehabs, jails or toxic relationships constantly trying to find my way out of those hells through endless talk therapy sessions. I could never get to the source of my problems with talk therapy because most of my childhood is blocked out in my memories due to trauma and narcissistic abuse, but Jolisa was able to find the root cause immediately and helped me sort through and release the harmful effects from decades of unprocessed traumatic experiences. I no longer struggle with the addictions and the self harm and self sabotaging behaviors like skin picking (which was severe for me) have resolved themselves and the physical effects have healed. My partner, who chronically bit his nails, was able to overcome the bad habit with just a few sessions and his anxiety has decreased substantially. We are both thriving and happy together now. Jolisa has also worked with 3 of our children who run to hug her when they see her. They’ve all had some rough experiences of their own and Jolisa does an amazing job healing their hearts and helping to balance their body, mind and spirits.”

alchemy pic.jpeg


After experiencing such immediate and profound results with energy healing I became very intrigued and started studying Energy Healing and Shamanic Studies as a New Earth Priestess Initiate in early 2021. I was gifted a copy of The Emotion Code book around this time and became obsessed as I learned more about finding and releasing Trapped Emotions. I used the information and tools provided in the book to start working through more of my own emotional blocks and those of my family members and close friends. I also started working with a Crystalline Consciousness Technique™ practitioner to get guidance on my path and purpose. It became crystal clear in a very short time that The Priestess Path is the path for me and Emotional Energy Healing is my sacred purpose here on this planet. CCT helped make for a smooth and easy transition from my resale and furniture flipping business to manifesting my own online energy healing practice. I became certified in both The Emotion Code and CCT and carried on as a New Earth High Priestess Initiate in early 2022 where I continue to learn how to work and build within the Medicine Wheel to co-create a healing business and life in harmony with Spirit.

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